Team Trypilskyi

Last year was the 10th anniversary for Climb for Cancer. Like every other year, we have those who have participated before, and some who are joining us for the first time. In this newsletter, we will feature a team who had new inspiration and joined the Climb for Cancer for the first time in 2016. They are back for more this year. See why they “Step in front of Cancer”.

Last year, Team Trypilskyi’s team captain Adam, had a very close friend who was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma which hit him very hard. “I consider Trisha family to me because of how long I have known her,” says Adam. “She is the reason I asked co-workers and friends to go on the Climb for Cancer to help make a difference to the many families in similar situations and find themselves at Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre.”

Adam was amazed to see how many families, friends and co-workers came out for not only his team to support Trisha, but how many other families, friends and co-workers came out for who they climb for. He was proud to see how many people come together to make a difference in someone’s life. “The old saying is strength in numbers” he says. “It was amazing to see how this disease that has touched so many, have even more to fight back.”

Trisha, herself, has a passion and love for fitness. She had reached optimal health and strength in all aspects of her personal fitness before her diagnosis. Other than her surprising diagnosis, she was extremely healthy. “Everything they threw at me, my body showed a high resilience with staying strong,” Trisha shared. “I trained hard to fight cancer hard.” She endured 3 months in the hospital, 5 months of outpatient chemotherapy and one month of radiation. In December of 2016, she was told that she had reached a remission state.

This year, Trisha will be climbing along with her team in the 2017 Climb for Cancer. Last year her team was participating while she was undergoing treatment. She promised to join them for this year. Since December, she has been back to the gym with a new personal goal in mind – to climb side by side with her friends, family and co-workers in the 2017 Climb for Cancer.

“What am I looking forward to the most on May 13th?” Adam asked, “To run with Trisha and to see all the other groups that come out to support in huge numbers knowing that they are making a difference for those we climb for.”

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Hamilton's Annual Fundraiser to Support Cancer Research at The Juravinski Cancer Centre