Meet Team: Purple Power – Grant Thornton

Year after year, Climb for Cancer hears the stories and the passion that comes from those who participate in the Climb. There is a drive – a desire with each person who takes that step on the stairs to make their mark – to make a difference and to Climb for someone.

Team Purple Power has been with Climb for Cancer since year one. They began participating to support Brian Humphrey in his vision for the climb and the funds that could be raised for the Juravinski Cancer Centre. Grant Thornton became a sponsor and have continued to do so every year since.

Team Captain, Shelley Muirhead reflects a personal reason why she joined Climb for Cancer. “I have family members who had been affected by cancer and wanted to do what I could to help.  When you have family/friends/coworkers affected you can feel very helpless in wanting to support them through their ordeal. This is my personal way of doing what I can to support them through their difficult journeys.”

The local Grant Thornton firm focuses on the community and has witnessed how the event has grown over the years and couldn’t be happier. “I felt from the beginning it was a very organized event for a very worthwhile cause,” says Shelley. “Brian and his team have always done a wonderful job with organization and motivation for all those participating as well as the fact that it has grown as much as it has is testament to how the word spreads throughout a community.”

Team Purple power comes back year after year – this is what the team has to say about it.

  • It is fun!
  • I love Brian and his team and how they motivate everyone to keep going.
  • Everyone feels good going in and regardless of the blood, sweat and tears that climbers experience, everyone is always happy coming out, it is a truly inspiring and motivationally charged event.

Shelley and her team from Grant Thornton were also at last year’s 10th anniversary. The highlight for them was seeing how big it has grown to the point of using Tim Horton’s Field as the climb site. “Walking into the stadium  I thought “Wow”, this is really getting big!” She adds. “I’m looking forward to introducing several of my new team members to the event, all of whom I tell that once they’ve done it they will truly be inspired to continue with it for years to come.”

Teams like Purple Power and team captains like Shelley have been a part of Climb for Cancer for so long, they are a part of the event. We look forward to seeing the purple shirts in the stadium on the 13th! Thank you Shelley and your team for being such a committed group and stepping in front of cancer. Thank you for helping to move mountains.

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