Hamilton – The Exercise City

Hamilton is the Steel City!  Hamilton is the Ambitious City! Hamilton is the city of Waterfalls!  What Hamilton does not get enough attention for is all the amazing assets Hamilton beholds for people to exercise, workout and get active.  I dare say that Hamilton has the most diverse exercise assets in the world.  Hamilton is the Exercise City!

Think of all the parks we have: our waterfront, the trails, Sobi bikes, the escarpment, our streets and neighbourhoods.  With so many unique places like these located in close proximity to one another, we need to highlight these assets and provide people with more ideas and information about how to utilize them and reap the benefits of exercise.


Here is a quick workout that you can do at the Chedoke Escarpment Stairs:

  1. Walk, jog or run around each loop of railing until you get to half way (the large platform landing)
  2. Once on the landing, catch your breath and then perform exercises such as pushups on the railing, squats, step back lunges, knee drives, leg raises to limber your muscles for more stairs.
  3. Use the railing for balance
  4. Perform 10 reps for each exercise
  5. Walk, jog or run back to the bottom and repeat up to 4 sets.

This will prepare you for the vigorous hour of stair climbing at Tim Hortons Field on Climb Day.

Remember, there are many areas around you now that will get you out and active in preparation to be a healthier you. There are multiple places to practices stair climbing all along the Hamilton Escarpment, conservation parks, trails and parks in your own neighbourhood. Remember, any activity you start now, will prepare you for your challenge at Climb for Cancer, and make you healthier. Start now!

Original Article: Momentum Fitness http://www.getmomentum.ca/hamilton-the-exercise-city/

Hamilton's Annual Fundraiser to Support Cancer Research at The Juravinski Cancer Centre