Registration Tips: Inviting People to Join Your Team!

We all climb together, but for our own reasons. Whether it is in honour of a loved one who has been or is being treated for cancer or for your own personal challenge, we have to ask: Wouldn’t it be more fun climbing with someone? Are you already part of a team? Why not try to invite at least one more person to join you or join your team?

Inviting someone to join your team

Thank you for registering for Climb for Cancer! If you are looking to invite someone to either join you or join your team, you must be registered for Climb for Cancer. You have a personal participant centre that allows you to keep track of all of your personal and team activities.

Please follow these simple steps to invite someone to your team.

Once you have registered as a team captain, the process is quite easy. Your personal page will look something like this:

The second tab (first black tab) from the left is the “Email” tab. Select that and you will see many templates for different emails you can send from your participant centre.

Follow the steps in the menu:


Select the “Recruitment” option and a pre-populated email will be sent to your already entered (saved) contacts. If you are a returning participant, all your contacts are available from last year.


In this window you can add or rewrite the message you wish to send to those you are inviting to join your team. Please note – the link to your team page and personal page will be automatically entered in the email for you. You do not have to enter it yourself.

Once you have entered the message you wish to send, you may move on to the next step.

Please note – the message does not save. If you wish to save this message, you may wish to use your personal email to recruit your team members.

Set Recipients:

If you are a returning participant, anyone you had contact with the year before, either as a team member or as a sponsor, will be listed in your contact list. You can select those who you wish to send the email to here, add contacts individually or import a list.

Please note: if you are importing a list of more than 20, we recommend using your own email to send this message out. (see preview and send section to see how)

Preview and Send:

This area will show you what your email will look like. It will include the banner with the date and graphics as well as the link that will make joining your team easy. If you wish to make a change, click on the section you wish to go back to (in the blue tabs). Do not use your “back buttons” as things will not save.

Once you are happy with your email, click the green “send” button. You have just invited someone to join your team!

Please note: The recipient will see an email from Climb for Cancer, on behalf of “you”. If you wish to send a note using your own email address, send this composed email to your personal email address, then forward it to your contacts from your personal email address. All the graphics and text will be the same.

Sending from your own Email Address

This system is set up as an option however; there are many of us who are more comfortable sending our emails to friends and family from our personal email address.

If you would rather send a “join me” email from your own email address but want it to look as it does in your “Preview” section, you will send the email to yourself.

Click on the “Set Recipients” blue tab, and enter your own email address as the only recipient. Then proceed to the Preview Section and choose the green “send” button. It will be send to you and from your own email address, you can forward the message to everyone in your contact list.

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