Day of Event

Climb for Cancer is a volunteer-run annual event committed to getting people active, encourage healthy living all while raising funds for the local cancer centre in Hamilton, Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre. Participants can register as part of a team or an individual, choose a specific time slot, and for that hour, climb as many stairs as you can. You will be provided a bib that will track your progress.

Anyone may register for any time slot. You may choose what hour you wish to climb during. All hours are extremely motivating and rewarding. See you there!

Your hour – Step by Step

30 minutes before your Climb Time

Participants are asked to arrive a minimum of 30 minutes before your climb time. Please come to the Pioneer Entrance on the South end of the stadium (off Cannon St). This is where you will find the Registration tent.

At Registration you will sign in, receive your tracking bib and your “Who are you Climbing for t-shirt”. You will be able to take a few minutes to look around, change into your climb gear, and get pumped up.   Coat\bag check is available, free of charge*. Your belongings will be transported to the cool down area, for pick up after your climb. Please only bring what you need to the stadium.

*The Climb for Cancer discourages leaving any items of value or importance. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

15 Minutes before your Climb Time

Approximately 15 minutes before your scheduled Climb Time, warm up courtesy of Momentum Fitness ( ) will begin.

There will be a few words spoken and then the horn will sound for your climb to begin – right at your scheduled Climb Time.

Your Climb Time

You will follow the course (Click here to see the course and complete this loop as many times as you are able during your hour. Look for the live cams as you will see your fellow climbers and yourself on the Jumbotron all throughout the hour with lively music and an MC to help motivate you.

As the hour draws to a close, the south end of the stands will open and allow you to go down to the field where you will walk, jog or run to the 50 yard line. You will finish your Climb Time down the homestretch from the 50 yard line to the end zone all while seeing yourself on the Jumbotron. An amazing finish to an amazing hour where you stepped in front of cancer!

The End of your Climb Time

NEW THIS YEAR: In the end field, courtesy of Lululemon, the cool down will begin to help you stretch out.

Once that is done, feel free to stick around and see the next round of climbers, see what we have going on in the end zone or feel free to head on home and continue your day – all while knowing that you have helped patients at Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre.

Thank you for being a part of Climb for Cancer. Looking forward to seeing you again next year – always the Saturday before Mother’s Day!

Hamilton's Annual Fundraiser to Support Cancer Research at The Juravinski Cancer Centre