About the Climb for Cancer

About Climb for Cancer

The Climb first began in 2007. Founder, Brian Humphrey a local fitness consultant and promoter of healthy living, saw that no matter how active or healthy one’s lifestyle may be, everyone in some way is touched by cancer. Now an annual event in Hamilton, Ontario, Climb for Cancer brings active members in the community together in order to support Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre .



How does it work?

Participants sign up for their hour time slot to climb as many stairs as you can within that time, either in teams or as individuals. You can fundraise through online and manual pledge sheets. All funds directly support those who have been touched by cancer in our community.  There will be people cheering climbers on from the ground and cheering them on at the top of each set of stairs. We are never short of “high fives”. This is a high-energy event that will not disappoint.

Your last set of stairs near the end of your hour, sees you making a dynamic finish as you go down the middle of the field at the 50 yard line to the finish line . After a cool down  – you can check out the “Fun Zone” or carry on with your day, knowing you have made a difference for your own physical fitness and a difference in the live of those touched by cancer in our own community.

For our May 12th, 2018 climb, you can choose from 5 different times to begin your climb. The times begin at: 7:30am, 9am, 10:30am,  12pm and 1:30pm. All participants are asked to register at least 30 minutes before their climb time and to allow for a warm up.

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The Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre is the most comprehensive centre for cancer care and research in South-Western Ontario. Providing radiation and chemo treatment, genetic and psychosocial counselling, education and nutritional advice.  The JHCC is the regional cancer centre for patients, and family members in the surrounding community. The Centre also focuses on lab research and clinical trials to discover better treatment methods for future patients. For more information on the Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre follow the link below.

The Vision

As a fitness consultant and promoter of healthy living, Brian Humphrey saw that no matter how active, or healthy, one’s lifestyle may be, everyone, in someway, is touched by cancer. Whether it is a personal battle with cancer or a shared battle with a close friend or family member, Brian compared that battle to that of climbing a mountain. He then asked the question, “how can active people in our community support those with their own day to day cancer battle?” The vision, and goal of the Climb for Cancer, is to have active members of the community come together and climb the stairs in support of the family and friends climbing their own mountain.

The Results

Year 10 – 2016

Over the last 10 years, the Climb for Cancer has hosted over 6,000 participants who have scaled enough stairs to have climbed the summit of Mt. Everest over 500 times and raised approximately $650,000 for equipment and patient care for Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre.  This year marked a milestone proving that the Hamilton Community and those all around us can get together, be active and make a big difference in the lives of those all around us – in our own community – who are or will face cancer. We can move mountains when we come together. Thank you to all our faithful and new participants, volunteers, sponsors and our community at large. Climb for Cancer will keep climbing for another 10 years.

Year 9 — 2015

The Climb for Cancer reached an all time high for participants and funds raised for the Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre. This year was all about the volunteers as we needed all hands on deck. Our volunteers are the front line of our event dedicating their time and hearts to helping every participant experience the Climb for Cancer. High fives are something we take pride in and practice all year round. Volunteers give anywhere from 500 to 2,000 high fives per hour at the top and bottom of the stairs. The weather was warm and we pushed through the mid-day heat with great refreshments and food from Lifestream and Earthshake. We are proud of our participants for sharing the stairs like never before as each hour had up to 150 participants, all climbing at once bringing an all time record for funds raised. Together we raised over $110,000 bringing our overall total funds raised to over $500,000 over nine years.


Climb for Cancer has conquered the Chedoke Stairs for the ninth and last year. As you may have experienced, the event has grown to the level where we need more stairs and more room to have fun. The energy we have created at the West escarpment over the past nine years has been absolutely amazing. The stories and lives we have changed because we continue to bring our “A” game and come together one day every year are climbing in number as well. We have had a major impact for those whose lives have been touched by cancer.  Click here to see how we have supported those touched by cancer at Juravinski Hospital and Cancer Centre. (Click here – link to the list Climb has supported over the last 9 years.)

Year 8 — 2014

With a record-breaking turnout both for the Climb and the walk, shuttle busses took the stress of finding parking at the Chedoke parking lot. There was a lot of excitement each hour as freshly warmed up participants worked to break their own personal records. Climbers and walkers were treated to food and a smoothie on the first sunny day of May. With over 560 climbers and 70 walkers, this amazing turnout proves the courage and determination of Hamiltonians and anyone touched by cancer in the fight to beat it.

Year 7 — 2013

To accommodate the ever-growing number of climbers and supporters we added bleachers to the bottom of the stairs to give friends and family a front row seat to cheer on climbers and enjoy the energy of the event. Being a not-for-profit, a creative, grassroots sponsorship programme was established to help fund the event itself through the new “stair support signs”. Another new sponsorship opportunity, the Climb for Cancer Memorial Signs, was also established with proceeds going directly to the JCC. This was also our biggest year on record financially, raising over $50,000 alone prior to the event online.

Year 6 — 2012

Continuing the trend of innovation and use of technology, year six saw the introduction of digital stair climbing tracking system to accurately keep track of the total time to summit and back with real-time totals for our climbers. This year also saw the 5km walk grow into an event on its own inside the Climb for Cancer with over 70 walkers participating. In the true spirit of community and being in it together, this year’s cold weather was no match for the team spirit of our climbers and supporters who shared blankets and gloves to keep warm while cheering on our record breaking climber who summited the stairs an incredible 17 times.

Year 5 — 2011

The rain and wind couldn’t keep us down! Our trusty volunteers and supporters banded together and even helped stop a few tents from blowing away in the wind. The growing popularity of the Climb meant even more growth as an organization and saw the introduction of online registration to simplify sign ups and pledges. Facebook and Twitter also become prominent fixtures and helped change the way we communicate and engage with the growing number of participants, fans, friends and family who are interested in the Climb.

Year 4 — 2010

Our fourth year brought a closer connection to the local business community in Hamilton and solidified the Climb for Cancer truly as Hamilton’s Climb for Cancer.  Even further integration with the Hamilton Ticats this year with mascot Pigskin Pete signing an official contract to be the Climb for Cancer host/DJ for life. The Climb for Cancer committee also welcomed new members to assist with the growing event.

Year 3 — 2009

Although the third year didn’t see as many participates climbing, the energy and excitement was brought to another level. The third year saw the introduction of the Ron Lancaster Memorial. A climb in the memory of the CFL great. Members of the Ticats, Argos, McMaster Marauders, and the CFL Fans Fight Cancer group were all their to support the former QB and Coach. Small businesses from the community took advantage of the Wellness Fair to help promote health and wellness. Together we brought in a total of $30,000 for the JCC.

Year 2 — 2008

With the huge success of the first year came great expectations for year two. The goal was to double the amount of participants and money raised for the JCC. That goal was met when 400 participants came out to the Chedoke stairs for year two. Again members were arranged into teams of 4 and given an hour to climb, this time reaching Everest’s summit 27 times. In its second year, the Climb for Cancer made it into the school system. On April 22, 2008 Sherwood Secondary had over 300 students and teachers donate $2 to buy out and climb. The school alone raised $3,000, combined with the other funds raised the Climb was able to donate $38,000 to the JCC, nearly doubling the previous year’s donation.

Year 1 — 2007

In its first year, the Climb for Cancer saw 200 members of the Hamilton community come out to the Chedoke Golf Course stairs to support the cancer fighting cause. Participants were arranged into teams of 4 to 56 teams and given an hour to climb. Collectively their goal was to reach the equivalent height of Mt. Everest, instead the 264 climbers made it to the peak 17 times. $23,000 was raised with all funds being donated to the JCC.






Hamilton's Annual Fundraiser to Support Cancer Research at The Juravinski Cancer Centre